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REALTOR®, Linda Dickinson


REALTOR® | Owner/Executive Broker, BOLD Realty Group

Linda Dickinson was born in Paragould sometime during the last century. As a little girl, she originally thought that she would like to grow up and play the saxophone and work in nightclubs. Instead, as she grew up, she found that she not only wasn’t big enough to hold a saxophone but also wasn’t tall enough to be seen on stage. Upon further reflection, she decided that although she was only 5’2, she still felt like she was at least 6’1. Having been told that great things sometimes come in small packages, she decided to go into sales.

Linda has been in direct sales since 1976, and received her real estate license in 1991. She then started taking advanced real estate courses, gaining several designations in the real estate field. After several years of experience in that field, she received her broker’s license, and in 2000 she founded Dickinson & Associates Real Estate. During her entire real estate career, she has never had a year that she was not a multi-million dollar producer. During these years, she learned that if plan “A” fails, there are twenty-five other letters in the alphabet. She always tries to have a backup plan to ensure that her clients reach their goals, and her many years of experience give her the tools to do so. In 2022, she made the bold move to expand her business and re-brand as BOLD Realty Group. Over the years, her passion has been helping people purchase the properties of their dreams. She is also the owner of Dickinson Property Management and loves to help people who are not yet ready to buy to find a good and safe place to live. Whether a person is looking for their first home, to upsize or downsize, to buy property for whatever reason, or just to have someone manage their existing property, she loves to help.

Linda is married to her high school sweetheart, Rick, and has two children, Lisa (Billy) Martin and Chris (Stacey) Dickinson, five grandchildren, and six granddogs.

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